About US

We are a social enterprise specialising in the refurbishment of household electrical appliances.

Appliance Recycling is based in Onehunga . they offer a wide range of recycling services including: 

Appliance Recycling Ltd

Unit D/119 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

09 5796198

Resource Rescue is a social enterprise founded by Envision on behalf of a charitable trust. Envision developed the concept, established the business, employed the staff, and proved the business model. After 18 months of operation, Resource Rescue became its own legal entity in April 2017 and self-managing in all aspects of the business. At that point Envision was able to withdraw from all responsibilities.

Resource Rescue recovers whiteware from Auckland’s Inorganic Recovery Project, either repairing appliances for reuse, or recovering parts to be used in the repair of other appliances. Aside from diverting over 28 tonnes of appliances from scrap metal, the business is focused on creating local employment opportunities in Tāmaki, and is returning dividends to its owners – the Glen Innes Family Centre.

When managed by Envision, Resource Rescue won the inaugural 2016 Rotary Newmarket Kick-start Award for best new social enterprise. 

We’re grateful to the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board for providing seed funding for the enterprise back in 2015, Waste Management for providing incubation space on their site in Penrose, and the Community Recycling Network for providing access to materials, encouragement and support. 

Ewaste ,Computer and Electrical Recycling